Convertko Membership Changes - 18. October 2020 18/10/2020 03:03:45

Dear members,

Great news! We have successfully managed to stabilize Convertko and it is now under total control and ready for the long run!

We are now reaching 10.000 members, which is a big turning point in our business. Convertko is now becoming a big GPT website and it is ready to accept larger quantities of members from all over the world. We have decided to set Direct Referral limits to UNLIMITED for Business and CEO memberships, as listed below.

On this special moment, we would like to announce some important changes in our membership system, which will improve member earnings.

Changes are listed below.


- Manager Membership Rented Referral Price - Before 0.20$ Now 0.21$

- Business Membership Referral Recycle - Before 0.12$ Now 0.07$

- Business Membership Direct Referral Limit - Before 250 Now UNLIMITED

- CEO Membership Direct Referral Limit - Before 1000 Now UNLIMITED

CEO 1 Month Membership - Before 100$ Now 90$

- CEO 1 Year Membership - Before 899$ Now 850$

- CEO Membership Referral Recycle - Before 0.15$ Now 0.08$

- CEO Membership Rented Referral Price - Before 0.24$ Now 0.23$

- CEO Membership 'Convertko PTC Ads' Direct Referral Click Earnings - Before 0.003$ Now 0.005$

- CEO Membership 'Convertko PTC Ads' Rented Referral Click Earnings - Before 0.005$ Now 0.0075$


We are very happy to announce these changes, as they will help you reach even more profits by upgrading your membership!

Share your referral link to your friends or advertise it online to gain a larger number of Direct Referrals, who will earn money for you for FREE!

We would like to thank you for being a member of the Convertko community. If you need any help regarding the use of Convertko, contact us via support ticket :)

Best regards and happy earnings,

Convertko Team