Ad Changes - 7. September 2020 07/09/2020 04:30:32

Dear members,

Convertko is now getting bigger and bigger every day. We are almost on the 8000th by Alexa Web Ranking.

A main reason for the changes below is encouraging users on investing in Convertko. The change made is a long-term investment for the website itself to maintain its liquidity in the business. It has proven many times that this change was vital for a PTC site to survive.

Changes made: 

- Direct Referral Count graph on members' account area changed to Points Allocated graph

- 15 sec ads have been removed from the system and 10 sec ads have been enabled. All members earn 0.002$ per click.

- Ad packs for 10 seconds have been added. Lower prices than the 15sec ads

- Standard members earn 0.002$ / Convertko ad (4 Convertko ads now available) per own click

- Standard members commission for Rented referrals is now 0.0035$ per click

- Standard members Rented referral recycle lowered to 0.06$


Thank you for understanding. Already the statistics of our website are looking VERY PROMISING, with this change, we will encourage our members to invest and advertise on Convertko.

A bright future awaits us. We would like to thank all our members for cooperation!

Best regards,

Convertko Team